Certified Electrical Contractor, well that's pretty rare !!​

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In Cynertia Electric and Control Inc’s early years,  we were an independent electrical contactor with just one electrician, but today we have an entire team of talented, skilled technicians.

Our customers would agree that we provide the best service and quality in the industry. All our technicians are certified and have at least 5 years experience. Due to their varied experience, we have a record number of days without any workplace injury. 

Today, thanks to our technicians and this record, Cynertia is able to serve almost every industry.

Cynertia Electric and Control Inc in Saskatoon is a certified Intertek Service provider
Cynertia Electric and Control Inc in Saskatoon provides industrial electrical solutions and services
Our Services

Industry Focused Services!

Electrical and Mechanical Installation

We undertake projects to setup new and existing machines. This allows our clients to save time and money by having our experienced team get their equipment up and running as quickly as possible. Cynertia is a fully licensed, bonded and insured electrical contractor.

We have experience installing all types of shop machinery from electrical service requirements to startup and testing.

Electrical Equipment Manufacturing

Cynertia has bulit more than 3600 Control Panels, Junction Boxes, Remote I/O Panels and OEM Control Packages according to client specifications.

We supply all required sensing/peripheral devices along with cabling and wiring harnesses. We can also provide custom cable assemblies to provide “Turn Key Solutions” to fit your company’s needs.

Infrared Scanning

We have a variety of IR scanning services provided by our certified electrical journeymen and IR certified level II thermography.

This scanning allows our clients to detect the issues in their system quicker and reduce downtime significantly.

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