Auto Power Factor Correction System for Canada’s largest regenerative electric motor dynamometer

While visting Canada’s prominent Electric Motor Repair Center, it was noticed that a vital part of their Regenerative Motor Load Test, Power Factor Correction, was still being performed manually by the Test Operator.

Seeing that the measurement and control components were already in place with the existing system, Cynertia suggested an elegantly simple solution using an Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC and PanelView Plus 7 HMI to automate the Power Factor Correction. As a result, this reduced the responsibility of the operator so that he can focus on the critical task of the Load Test itself.

Cynertia Electric and Control Inc are makes contaminated soil effluent separation/recovery unit

Contaminated Soils Effluent Seperation/Recovery Unit

One of the world’s leading oil and gas service companies contacted Cynertia to build the first production unit of a unique system to separate effluents from Drill mud or other contaminated soils. This involved a significant amount of rework and modifications to progress from the prototype model.

Cynertia Electric and Control Inc provides industrial automation solutions to Pharmaceutical and Bio sciences industry

Custom CBD Oil Filling Line

We had the opportunity to work with a local CBD Oil producer to design and build a custom Bottle Cleaning and Filling Line for their unique Cannabis oil product. This system utilized Bosch-Rexroth Motion and Automation components and consisted of an Ionized Air Purge Bottle Cleaner and an ISO 5 rated Bottle Filling Enclosure. Additionally, the system would place caps on the bottles, tighten to the specified torque, label the bottles and provide QC verification using Omron Vision Cameras at a rate of 6000 bottles per hour.

Cynertia Electric and Control Inc in Saskatoon programmed robots to open the rail carriage lids

Robotic Rail Car Lid Opener/Closer

A major supply chain company approached Cynertia for a safer alternative to open and close railcar lids. Our bid winning proposal for this challenge uses an ABB 6-Axis Robot Arm directed by Keyence Vision cameras to locate the lids, latches and perform the task. This project also had a number of other unique factors to consider – including temperature, safety and a harsh environment.

Non Disclosure Agreement

We apologize if the details of our projects noted above seem vague. Frequently, we operate under Non-Disclosure Agreements that prohibit us from disclosing too many details. We take our clients Privacy and Intellectual Property seriously and make every effort to protect such information.

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