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We build products that fulfill your needs. Our goal is to make sure that the customers’ requirements are satisfied without sacrificing safety and quality standards.

Due to its extensive experience and certified technicians, Cynertia has been able to provide top-notch service to its customers including the option for 24/7 Emergency Service allowing more flexibility to its clients and reducing their downtime significantly.


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Cynertia Electric and Control Inc in Saskatoon provides various Industrial services like control system programming, designing, electrical, service and maintenance and intertek services
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Industry Focused Services!

We excel in integrating various PLCs and HMIs to solve the process challenges faced by our customers at the machine- level and integrate SCADA to solve the plant-level issues.

We do Inspection, Testing, Certification, and Auditing of electrical panels and systems. These are ETL and CSA certifications.

Cynertia has bulit more than 3600 Control Panels, Junction Boxes, Remote I/O Panels and OEM Control Packages according to client requirements.

Have a piece of equipment that has the other guys scratching their heads? Give us a call. Can’t afford to be down? Let’s discuss a customer specific preventative maintenance program to suit your needs.

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